Cryptocurrency as a medium for State-Sponsored currency for debt exchanges

I own Sweden!!!


I’m fairly new to bitcoin, but the idea is intriguing. I wonder if governments ever considered using a cryptocurrency as a method to exchange debt. Instead of treasury notes, selling a bitcoin type of currency could open a world of governments exchanging debts to other governments, companies, and citizens via internet at a real-time pace. A country would simply sell the currency instead of notes, and the newly created “notes” could be traded. There would have to be a consensus world-wide to recognize the currency and for a country to be able to create the debt in the first place. In order to issue the currency, a vote of issuing countries would have to approve. A currency out of nothing but an agreement to recognize it world-wide. Global trade would of course be impacted in ways beyond belief, but crisis such as recessions could be simply resolved by agreeing to a future trade to reconcile the debt amongst voting members of countries. Worldwide productivity would never have to slow in a perfect world. Citizens could even get a piece of the action in owning their country and it’s neighbors. Crazy concepts can be developed when toying with this idea, some way beyond me. What would a world look like if selling debt of a country to a different country in real-time? Oh the possibilities….

Tesla – Solar roofing made practical

Gov’t contracts will launch Tesla into the stratosphere

Hats off to Tesla for making a practical version of solar panel roofing that will be able to the public. I believe the best uses for the product will be when government owned buildings begin to use the product. Schools that use limited power to operate can save tax-payer dollars, and that is always nice! Tesla is bound for great things, if you’re not paying attention…

Lowe’s Ironman lifting assisting device for Firemen?

Save lives, lift like a machine!

I saw this awesome post on Facebook from involving a type of body device that assists with lifting lumber and other heavy items at Lowe’s home improvement stores. It was developed by Virginia Tech. My thought, let firefighters use it! Assisted lifting could be a huge life saver for those trapped in a fire or earthquakes. Share the love lowe’s!!! Its devices like these that should be allowed to be used in society for other purposes to the betterment of mankind. Sure some profit recoup is necessary, but think of lives saved!!!

photo from courtesy of Lowe’s