Give me a flippin’ beep!!!

Give us what we need!!!


This is a very simple idea to makers of devices that have a remote and also have a feature to use a smart phone as an additional remote. I have encountered this situation numerous times – “Where did I put the fricken remote?!?” I thought of a very simple addition you could put into the factory remote that could end this situation once and for all. Put in a feature that, if you can connect a smart phone or other device, that you can page the remote. Think back to the days of cordless phones… ah those were days. Push a button, beep-beep-beep. Heck, you could even put in into the actual device (thinking bottom of a roku or fireTV). Push the button, and the remote emits a friendly, but extremely helpful paging sound to lead the seeker to the device. It’s simple. Lead us to the remote. Any maker of devices with remotes could benefit from this. Think about it!!!

The Reset Button – Amazon Music

Possible add-on for addicts like me…

Hey Amazon, if you don’t know me, I’m a former two-time employee who loves all your products and services, so you know I’m a very satisfied customer. I’m going to focus on a small feature that you may not think you need yet, but I stress you do! It all has to do with Amazon Music Unlimited. I was an early customer to the service. I use it all the time. I love the featured stations such as Top Pop, Hard Rock, and 2000’s Pop. I find the ability to like or dislike (thumbs up or down) songs to be a great feature. I did happen across an unusual situation when disliking songs. I found that once you dislike a song from a station and close the station out, the song WILL NOT come back no matter what. I change my moods all the time, and this left me in a predicament that your customer service workers had some issue resolving. It took four calendar days to resolve this, ultimately fixed by technical support. I wanted an option to be able to press reset on my like/dislike preferences globally for all stations. I think the talented programmers at Amazon could easily implement such a solution. It sure would save me the next phone call in a month or two. Otherwise, I have zero concerns about the service and love every block-rocking beat! Keep it up!!!

Hotspot upgrades!!! – T-Mobile

T-Mobile, how I love thee!!!

I’m a very satisfied customer of T-Mobile. I have been with other major companies and found my home with T-Mobile to be my favorite. They have helped me when I was in a jam. I had just moved home and was sans-internet. For someone like me, it’s hell to be without my connection to the world. I have numerous devices that require dedicated internet, and having to wait on an ISP to come and install internet was one of the longest waits I’ve had of recent. The reason for the wait had to do with the homeowner deciding on whether or not to even give me the option (baby-boomer). I had little to persuade her on the advantages of the internet and selling her on it was going to be a rather difficult task. This is where T-Mobile comes in.

I have a very basic smart phone from T-Mobile with a incredible unlimited data package called T-Mobile ONE Promo, which included a 10GB hotspot high-speed data package. This gave me the opportunity to show the homeowner the advantages of having internet, without having to install it in the home.  I showcased tv-streaming of sling on my phone (HD streaming was a feature of the package, NICE!!!) and my favorite device, Echo. Echo would be a difficult task to use without a hotspot. With a little assistance from my iPad, I had Alexa singing Amazon’s Music Unlimited in no-time. It took a while to convince her to let me install it, and my being a data-hog came into a small snag in the road. A limit to hotspot high speed data of 10GB. FaceTime burned my data fast. I searched for a way to add my data (possibly Ala-carte) and no dice. T-Mobile, please give us data hungry customers an option to pay YOU for more precious data. My situation was ultimately resolved thanks to Comcast’s 150Mbps internet service, but for a few days, I had to deal with nightmare pixelation on video chats. I would have graciously paid for more data! Even for the slight hiccup, I continue to be a T-Mobile customer and foresee my doing to for a long time to come.



I now know that T-Mobile does offer a data add-on. It was a little late being offered, but there is a way to add additional data to hotspots. Probably need to make it come a little before it’s too late.

“The League” – Sport Clips Idea

Possible idea that could help business at Sport Clips

I’m a satisfied customer of Sport Clips. I had been a one-time customer in Carmel, and simply didn’t have enough pull to return. After my first visit to one of the Fort Wayne, IN locations, I kept thinking to myself, with great service and plenty of perks, why didn’t I go back the first time? Was it simply that I could fulfill my need with a different shop? Was it that even though the location was less than five minutes away (the same distance of the competitor that I used often), I still had less than sufficient motivation to return? I thought about this after my latest visit and thought of a change that could be implemented, and would create a membership feel – a very compelling reason to return. Let me explain.

Sport Clips is a barbershop where one can go in and catch up on sports with the numerous TV’s throughout the store. They keep a detailed account of customers so that your “normal cut” is known when you sit down. They offer their first-timers a MVP service, including a back massage, hot towel for your face, and shampooing. It’s a great service (I’ve had it twice). I find that they try to cater towards a no questions necessary feel. The idea I had would be something that would build upon this. I call it “joining the league.” Possibly for the price of two MVP’s, a customer could be enrolled in a auto-debit membership where they could go into the same store once a week and receive the MVP, no cash necessary. Just walk in, get cleaned up (perhaps for a hot date, or job interview), and you can be on your way.

The benefits I see in this approach are typical to most gym memberships. People pay and forget to use the service. Even if they do use the service weekly, the additional cost for the membership would balance at two visits, leaving the last two (if they even occur) as services “on the house.” The reason I propose this approach is because I believe it would allow Sport Clips a chance to sell hair products to customers on a weekly balance to recoup on the third and fourth weekly cut. Even not receiving tips for the service could pay off for stylists, because the way I would run the plan, the amount paid above the normal MVP price (~$20) would be collected monthly and go into monthly bonuses that could be split up amongst stylists to make up for lack of tips. The numbers would probably need to be studied and adjusted, but I thought the concept would be an interesting approach to build up returning clients.

Would people actually do it? I think there would be an interesting opportunity to see if some people would actually take it up. I remember my boss in my first job in high school, a restaurant owner, bragging about getting his weekly haircut. I think that he couldn’t be alone. For some customers, I see the perks of a weekly MVP being a major selling point for Sport Clips. Even if the popularity starts off slowly, the whole concept I think would be interesting to see if such an approach would add to the whole “we know exactly what you want, no questions necessary, just walk-in” approach.