The problem with flying cars

Joe is airborne, look out!


Every now and then I come across an article discussing companies that develop prototypes for flying cars. Sure it’s not like Back To the Future II, but the concepts are rather cool. I’m reminded of 9/11 everytime when I think about average people being able to drive vehicles in the air. I think I have said enough.

The Echo based emergency response system

Real solutions to real problems

With AI based devices showing up in almost every room in houses, I have began to wonder why makers don’t offer a tie in to emergency services. Say someone breaks into your home. You could simply give Alexa a pin that allows for a direct call to emergency services. If not calls, at least equip it with a panic alarm. There is so much potential just in Echo and Google Home. It’s about time we start looking beyond simple music and news to more solution based roles. Lives could be saved with an addition of a simple skill to the Echo profile. Let’s go developers!!!