Speaker, microphone, camera…check. RF-ID??? – AI Speakers with advanced capabilities explored

Where are my keys???


Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home have infiltrated the home. Next generation models hope to bring vision¬†into the picture with various tactics to introduce a need for a camera. Will the public agree? This has yet to be determined, but if all else fails, there’s always RF-ID! Say you want to know if little Jimmy has gotten home ok, a simple RF-ID tag could give a future release of AI speakers a clue. RF-ID has so much potential, and it’s about time it enters the home. Being able to locate items around the home could be the new way of doing things sans-camera. There’s more intriguing technology coming down the path with a sonar-style WiFi powered 3D image rendering cameras that might be an alternative if plain-jane cameras fail. Being able to see through walls using WiFi can be a really cool concept when trying to locate an RF-ID tag, being able to give you an exact location in a building. You can even blow up the scale to an office building capable of locating personnel around the building. The possibilities are really exciting! Check out business insider if you don’t believe it’s possible. It’s here. Let’s explore it!!!

Lighthouse, Echo 2 gen – ID secured

Mind blown with possibilities!

With AI devices being built with cameras and beginning to enter the home, it’s time we start focusing on what that could mean to different companies. This idea is not going to be free, because the capabilities achieved when using ID secured concept that I introduced earlier can change the world in numerous ways. This one I’d like to be able to take some credit. Feel free to contact me at: contacttimshere@gmail.com to discuss consultation options.

The karaoke machine – Roku, Apple TV, and FireTV

Let’s Rock!!!

With remotes with a capacity to capture sound, don’t you think it’s about time to rock out??? FireTV has Alexa built-in, but perhaps when listening to Amazon Music Unlimited she can take a back seat while you scream your lungs out to a hard rock song while reading lyrics (lots of songs include lyrics already). Perhaps through in some way of judging and scoring performers, and you can replace bulky machines with an ¬†elegant fire stick. This could also be accomplished with an AppleTV or even Roku. Thought this could be a fun way to showcase the portability and music catalog.

Users by Pin – Alexa and Echo

Get a grip on Alexa!

With everyone in the house able to access my echo, I started thinking that it’s about time to start personalizing content. “Alexa, my pin is ****.” She responds with a prompt, “Welcome Tim, what would you like to do?” Simple enough concept. It’s great to prevent family members from racking up my Amazon bill, keep my content mine, and have a parental control over content. The user would either log out, or get timed out. I just think it’s about time to start personalizing the experience Amazon.

The famous Jeff Bezos Floating Fulfillment Center – Humanitarian Assistance, USPS floating mail center

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A lot of people scoffed at the concept of a blimp as a carrier of Amazon merchandise that used drones to deliver items to customers. It did seem bizarre to think of blimps in more commercial use in the era of drones and self driving cars. I think the genius of the idea could be huge in efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to areas hit by natural disasters. A blimp full of food and other necessities could float to an area devistated by a disaster such as an earthquake or mudslide, and drones could be used to locate individuals and deliver much needed supplies to a wide area that could be otherwise hard to access from traditional methods. The whole concept could be used in many different uses, such as a postal station. 

The delivery drone with ID secured delivery

I know you!!!

With companies like Amazon rushing to perfect the delivery drone to deliver packages to customers, I started thinking of advantages having a camera on the drone could have. Imagine a delivery drone showing up at your house and attached to the drone is a small camera that captures the image of the receiver. It would be a way of pinpointing a person’s exact location*** with a simple concept of ID secured delivery. Only someone with your exact likeness could receive the package. Just upload your photo to the company. Simple match, and your package only goes to you.
***-imagine the possibilities of knowing exactly where some is at a given time, warrants anyone?

Note: The whole concept of ID secured delivery could be a way of making sure packages and certified mail gets delivered to the correct person. The concept could possibly even lead to a police method of tracking people.  The concept of ID secured will be focused on in a future post, when things really start getting interesting.