The karaoke machine – Roku, Apple TV, and FireTV

Let’s Rock!!!


With remotes with a capacity to capture sound, don’t you think it’s about time to rock out??? FireTV has Alexa built-in, but perhaps when listening to Amazon Music Unlimited she can take a back seat while you scream your lungs out to a hard rock song while reading lyrics (lots of songs include lyrics already). Perhaps through in some way of judging and scoring performers, and you can replace bulky machines with an  elegant fire stick. This could also be accomplished with an AppleTV or even Roku. Thought this could be a fun way to showcase the portability and music catalog.

Snap content acquisition by a cloud provider?

Waste of talent…

With Snap being hosted entirely on cloud systems and not in-house servers, one must ask why hosts don’t negotiate for rights to content that are uploaded? The content shared by users could be a treasure-trove to the right company. Fresh talent and content for media starved companies could be useful to add to catalogs for users to search through. Amazon could negotiate for rights to content in exchange for free usage of AWS. Such content would give them an opportunity to compete against sites like YouTube. Why not get something out of a deal? Microsoft could stand to do the same. With people uploading videos daily, why not use the content to create a whole new media-share ecosystem where stars could be created daily? The content owner could pick and choose artists to sign exclusively and beat out labels. Homegrown talent ripe for the picking, and snap currently has all rights to pick. Makes you wonder why snap hasn’t tried to become a media provider with all that content…

The “Connection-less” Media Stick

contact me for more info!

This is probably one of my best ideas to date. Involves media devices such as FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, and others. This idea has the potential to change the current landscape of media broadcasting and home entertainment. This idea is not going to be free, because the idea is just that good. If you are interested in hearing more about the idea, feel free to contact me at

The $40 Computer

Easy solution for start-ups

This is one of my older ideas. Thought I’d offer it out there since the company I told it to didn’t seem to care. It’s a simple enough concept. Take a Roku, FireTV, or Chromecast and build in an app that can access a cloud-based computer (virtual machines) via internet. Advantages of such an app would be the possibility of having a “new computer” through a device costing around $40 by simply opening the app and using a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. The actual virtual machine, hosted by AWS or other competitors, would never need upgrading or maintenance. You could simply plug the device into a monitor as a thin client that displays the cloud hosted computer and relays the commands. Cloning virtual machines would be easy, and you could have a whole business up and running at minimal cost. Of course the VM’s hosted would be usage based, but with $40 per machine start-up, I can’t imagine a cheaper solution for start-ups…

Hey Apple, augmented reality with Marketplaces!!!

Dream world of AR!

I heard that Apple is going to try to attack augmented reality head on. In my perfect world, the company that implemented AR the best will feature a way to present shops and attractions through it’s lens. I’m thinking something that shows a shop or restaurant when viewed. Possibly an icon or logo for the company. I could click it and see reviews or sales going on. It can be taken to the next level showing locations of Apple using family members. Imagine being able to look at your phone’s screen and you can see a box or arrow pointing to the person your looking for (located by cellphone), even while looking at a huge crowded intersection. Showing the details that get hidden by crowds is where I believe AR will thrive. Just a thought…