Users by Pin – Alexa and Echo

Get a grip on Alexa!


With everyone in the house able to access my echo, I started thinking that it’s about time to start personalizing content. “Alexa, my pin is ****.” She responds with a prompt, “Welcome Tim, what would you like to do?” Simple enough concept. It’s great to prevent family members from racking up my Amazon bill, keep my content mine, and have a parental control over content. The user would either log out, or get timed out. I just think it’s about time to start personalizing the experience Amazon.

Snap content acquisition by a cloud provider?

Waste of talent…

With Snap being hosted entirely on cloud systems and not in-house servers, one must ask why hosts don’t negotiate for rights to content that are uploaded? The content shared by users could be a treasure-trove to the right company. Fresh talent and content for media starved companies could be useful to add to catalogs for users to search through. Amazon could negotiate for rights to content in exchange for free usage of AWS. Such content would give them an opportunity to compete against sites like YouTube. Why not get something out of a deal? Microsoft could stand to do the same. With people uploading videos daily, why not use the content to create a whole new media-share ecosystem where stars could be created daily? The content owner could pick and choose artists to sign exclusively and beat out labels. Homegrown talent ripe for the picking, and snap currently has all rights to pick. Makes you wonder why snap hasn’t tried to become a media provider with all that content…