Users by Pin – Alexa and Echo

Get a grip on Alexa!


With everyone in the house able to access my echo, I started thinking that it’s about time to start personalizing content. “Alexa, my pin is ****.” She responds with a prompt, “Welcome Tim, what would you like to do?” Simple enough concept. It’s great to prevent family members from racking up my Amazon bill, keep my content mine, and have a parental control over content. The user would either log out, or get timed out. I just think it’s about time to start personalizing the experience Amazon.

The Echo based emergency response system

Real solutions to real problems

With AI based devices showing up in almost every room in houses, I have began to wonder why makers don’t offer a tie in to emergency services. Say someone breaks into your home. You could simply give Alexa a pin that allows for a direct call to emergency services. If not calls, at least equip it with a panic alarm. There is so much potential just in Echo and Google Home. It’s about time we start looking beyond simple music and news to more solution based roles. Lives could be saved with an addition of a simple skill to the Echo profile. Let’s go developers!!!

Check in with Echo – Amazon idea

Did little Jimmy make it home?

I hinted towards this idea in a previous post, but I’m here now to show what can really be accomplished with a simple add-on to devices such as Echo and Google Home. Let’s set the scene… I get home to my larger home, and I want to know if the kids got home from school ok… so I ask my echo, “Alexa, did Josh and Kasey get home ok?” and she gives me a reply such as, “Josh arrived at 3:45 and Kasey arrived at 5:25. There is a recording from Kasey, should I play it?” I say yes, and she goes on to play the message from Kasey saying, “Dad, I went to McDonald’s, I’ll be back in around 6.” This could be a simple conversation with a feature such as Check-in and Messages that could and, in my mind, should be added to newer updates. Skills programmers, get at it!

Echo, Google Home, others… – Let’s talk…

What we want and need for business

With devices such as Echo, Google Home, and others coming into the market, I have a small suggestion that will, in my mind, replace the intercom systems in schools and business. Allow for users to communicate with other similar devices. I want to be able to say, “Alexa, page Sam’s Echo,” and Sam is able to answer and we can have a phone-intercom style conversation. I believe this could be expanded to building-wide communications. Think of this, “Hey Google, page Mrs. Thomas in room 314” and she is able to have a conversation about little Jimmy’s mom picking him up.

This is just the start. Let’s see if we can build upon this. What if we add a building database and a scheduling system… “Alexa, is room 3A open at 5pm?” and she replies, “No, should I page the occupant?” With a simple question, I bypassed the building secretary. Want to get fancy? “Alexa, has Mark arrived at his office?” and she replies, “No, Mark has not clocked in (Voice activated clock in with Alexa). Should I call him?” Now enter into VOIP calling with a simple add-on from Skype, or other. This is where we should be heading, in my opinion… please someone make it happen.