The karaoke machine – Roku, Apple TV, and FireTV

Let’s Rock!!!


With remotes with a capacity to capture sound, don’t you think it’s about time to rock out??? FireTV has Alexa built-in, but perhaps when listening to Amazon Music Unlimited she can take a back seat while you scream your lungs out to a hard rock song while reading lyrics (lots of songs include lyrics already). Perhaps through in some way of judging and scoring performers, and you can replace bulky machines with an ¬†elegant fire stick. This could also be accomplished with an AppleTV or even Roku. Thought this could be a fun way to showcase the portability and music catalog.

The Reset Button – Amazon Music

Possible add-on for addicts like me…

Hey Amazon, if you don’t know me, I’m a former two-time employee who loves all your products and services, so you know I’m a very satisfied customer. I’m going to focus on a small feature that you may not think you need yet, but I stress you do! It all has to do with Amazon Music Unlimited. I was an early customer to the service. I use it all the time. I love the featured stations such as Top Pop, Hard Rock, and 2000’s Pop. I find the ability to like or dislike (thumbs up or down) songs to be a great feature. I did happen across an unusual situation when disliking songs. I found that once you dislike a song from a station and close the station out, the song WILL NOT come back no matter what. I change my moods all the time, and this left me in a predicament that your customer service workers had some issue resolving. It took four calendar days to resolve this, ultimately fixed by technical support. I wanted an option to be able to press reset on my like/dislike preferences globally for all stations. I think the talented programmers at Amazon could easily implement such a solution. It sure would save me the next phone call in a month or two. Otherwise, I have zero concerns about the service and love every block-rocking beat! Keep it up!!!