WiFi 3D Imaging for Emergencies

Behind the walls…


Businessinsider.com highlighted a developing technology that allows one to be able to see through walls in a 3D environment using WiFi as sonar-type medium. I mentioned this in a previous post. I thought about what uses that could come from this ability. Immdiately emergency response assistance came to my mind. Being able to locate people in a building can be huge in a shooter situation. Mix in RF-ID badging technology and you could locate your employees and locate those who are not carrying tags (possible shooters). It’s technology like this that we should embrace as a way to solve real-life issues and not necessarily a problem with privacy. With great power comes great responsibility. I’ll continue to explore uses of Wifi imaging in future posts.

Speaker, microphone, camera…check. RF-ID??? – AI Speakers with advanced capabilities explored

Where are my keys???

Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home have infiltrated the home. Next generation models hope to bring visionĀ into the picture with various tactics to introduce a need for a camera. Will the public agree? This has yet to be determined, but if all else fails, there’s always RF-ID! Say you want to know if little Jimmy has gotten home ok, a simple RF-ID tag could give a future release of AI speakers a clue. RF-ID has so much potential, and it’s about time it enters the home. Being able to locate items around the home could be the new way of doing things sans-camera. There’s more intriguing technology coming down the path with a sonar-style WiFi powered 3D image rendering cameras that might be an alternative if plain-jane cameras fail. Being able to see through walls using WiFi can be a really cool concept when trying to locate an RF-ID tag, being able to give you an exact location in a building. You can even blow up the scale to an office building capable of locating personnel around the building. The possibilities are really exciting! Check out business insider if you don’t believe it’s possible. It’s here. Let’s explore it!!!